by Counter Theory

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released October 28, 2016



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Counter Theory Valparaiso, Indiana

Counter Theory is an upcoming female fronted band from Valparaiso, IN who enjoy playing to anyone and everyone who will listen.

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Track Name: Only Beginning
Look how far we’ve come. But now it’s all undone. We’ve cleaned the slate; it’s all erased. Through all the hours spent, you hid your discontent. We never knew; I feel so used. But we’re the closest now we’ve ever been before. You think we’re stopping now? I’m only wanting more. We’ve come too far to pack up and move on. Weak at the knees but we’re still standing strong. And nothing you say can ever change our ways. We’ve been here before but this is only beginning. I can’t count the times I’ve been let down or pushed around. Does it get easier with time? No. I haven’t given up; I’ve waited now for long enough. And I’m not holding back anymore. It’s all okay; it’s all okay. It gets easier with time.
Track Name: Backbone
It takes a lot to give you up when you’ve got everyone feeling sorry for you now. How sorry does that sound? You abandoned all of us, but you keep coming back for what you left behind. Well isn’t this what you wanted in the end? Well everything seemed clear looking through the hourglass, but you never want to hear that you can’t ever take it back. Well you’ve forgotten who you are; got lost along the way. And everything you stood for got pushed aside; where’s all the dreams you left behind? I’ve gotta move on and do best for myself. I’ve learned to stand up on my own; I’ve developed a backbone. You wanted a fair fight; well isn’t that a cheap shot? You didn’t seem to care until the damage was done. You caused your own demise; to us it’s no surprise your arrogance and stubbornness left no room for compromise.
Track Name: Back On Track
Let’s get back on track. We’re not under attack. If everything could set us back, we’d be over with. It’s a place to start. This time from the heart. Everything that sets us back brings us closer now. It’s a change from what’s been started. Rearranged, not broken hearted. We’re not afraid to keep on trying everyday. We’re not the same but we can’t stop now. Into the flames but we won’t back down. We won’t stop; give us time. It’s just beginning. It’s a change of pace. Our past has been erased. But everything just takes some time to settle in. We won’t give up this fight. You can’t burn out our light. And everything will be just fine, let it take its place. When it gets hard and you feel that you’re abandoned. (Don’t give up now) You can’t give in; you make the best with what you’re handed. (Don’t give up now) Just give it time; keep trying, you’ll be fine. Don’t let it get the best of you.
Track Name: Say Goodbye
I woke up today; found your final trace. (Well I had no idea) Praying you’d gone dry and just looked away. (Well I had no idea) Did you even think all this through? All of the lives, you’d leave behind. Why’d you go there? You shouldn’t be scared. Don’t tell me that it’s just another spell; don’t tell me that it’s your turn to say goodbye. Everyone can tear you down. But that doesn’t mean you should give in. Take a look all around you; open your eyes and you’ll finally see. Too little too late; can’t think of where you’d be. Please don’t remain a memory. Parting waves far from the sand. Build a bridge away from land. Watch the snow fall all around. Blow out the flame. Bring forth the dawn. But now you’re gone.
Track Name: For the Best
When you’re stuck by their ways; when words slip into haze. You’ve started over, searched for closure and came up empty. When you can’t fix the cracks of walls that long collapsed. You’ll look inside; you’re petrified. It’s dark and empty. But can you ever fill the void of the past that’s now destroyed. Put it back together, it’s for the better; ease the pressure. But will it ever be the same? Our picture’s out of frame. I know we’re trying; there’s no denying. But is it worth it? But it’s a chance to take; I’ll take a chance to make us whole again. I’ll take a chance. You know this means the world to me but you don’t feel the same. But I gotta be honest, I’m stuck in the past. I know it’s not what I want; maybe it’s what we need. But I gotta be honest, maybe it’s for the best. Maybe it’s for the best. Tried our best; gave it our all. Just like the rest, you let us fall. You all just walked away. Give it time was what they said. Take a break; we’ll start again. But it won’t be the same. If you need me now then I need to hear it. If you need me now then I need to feel it. Why can’t you say this to me? Over and over again.
Track Name: Stay
An ocean of fear inside of me; something I try and hide. Can’t bare to see the truth right in front of me. Fragile, frail and thin yet so beautiful and strong. How could she be taken away from me? Stay but I’m already too late. Stay because nobody is ready for you to be taken away from here. Stay but I’m already too late. Stay because I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’ve been here before; can’t stand on my own two feet. Can anyone tell me what’s happening? Sometimes I sit back and think of memories. Cause that’s all I seem to have left of me. The heavens are calling your name with open arms; with open arms. They’ll take you away with peace.